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The macro pictures in this gallery include closeups of many varied subjects. The pictures were taken with either a dedicated macro lens or standard lenses used with extension tubes. All pictures can be purchased as wall art.

You can buy your picture as wall art by clicking the 'Buy' button found on every image. Available products include canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, wooden block prints and traditional framed prints. Gifts including keyrings, mobile phone covers, mugs, beer mugs, travel mugs, fridge magnets and many more are also available.

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Closeup of text saying 'words' in a paperback bookAbstract ground level view through grassTexture and structure of a decaying brown leaf revealed by backlightingCloseup of text saying 'reading a book' in a paperback bookTexture and structure of a decaying brown leaf revealed by backlightingBlack & White abstract closeup of an apple stalkBlack and white closuep of three seashells in a lineOrange sliced thinlyBanana sliced thinlymacro photo showing a Strawberry close upMacro photo of a Kiwi Fruit close upMacro Slices of Kiwi FruitCloseup of Silver Birch tree trunk texture in black and whiteblack and white close up photo of swirls of a seashellFine Art Black & White Seashellclose up of curves white and pink seashellclose up photo of fungi growing on side of old tree stumpclose up photo of fungi growing from under old logclose up of fungi growing out of moss covered logclose up photo of fungi growing from under old moss covered log

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